Lotta and Stina began working together on the rola-bola in 2001, while performing with a youth circus in Finland. They spent three years perfecting their technique at the prestigious and demanding Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels, from where they graduated in 2008. Since then, they have worked for example in the Wintergarten Variety, Krystallpalast Variete, Circus Flic Flac, Palazzo dinner shows, Oh la la -production from Rolf and Gregory Knie, Le plus grand cabaret du Monde tv show, La Strada Bremen and Buskers Bern street music festival just to name a few.

About us

Imagine two women performing astonishing partner acrobatics, without even the stability of the ground beneath their feet. On the rola-bola, balance becomes imbalance in a fraction of a second. But these girls won’t just surprise you with their graceful power and innovative technique – they’ll charm you with their 50’s looks and leave you asking for more!

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"An Ordinary Day" - A vintage style partner acrobatics on rola bola with a burlesque twist.


Duration : 9 min

Technical Requirements: Flat and level performance area minimum 4x4 meters and 4,5 meters high. (Can be adapted to a smaller stage for ex. round stage of a spiegeltent)


"Hula Oops" Comedy hula hoop that continues the story of the two characters from "An Ordinary Day"


Duration : 5 min

Technical Requirements: Flat and level performance area minimum 3x3 meters and 4 meters high. (Can be adapted to a smaller stage for ex. round stage of a spiegeltent)

"Classy" A bit more "tradional"-style partner rola bola act.


Duration : 6 min

Technical Requirements: Flat and level performance area minimum 4x4 meters and 4,5 meters high. (Can be adapted to a smaller stage for ex. round stage of a spiegeltent)

"Mad" An act from a show "Mad in Finland" inspired of the madness of our home country.


Duration : 6-10 min

Technical Requirements: Flat and level performance area minimum 3x3 meters and 4,5 meters high. (Can be adapted to a slightly smaller stage for ex. round stage of a spiegeltent)



Duration: 25 min


Technical requirements:


  • A 5m x 4m flat, smooth and level floor/surface.
  • No gravel, cobble stones, grass etc.
  • Indoors a minimum height of 4,5m is required.


  • Sound system should be provided by organiser.


  • Heated and secured changing room with water and mirrors.


  • Installation and dismantling time 15 minutes.


  • Parking to a car nearby and access to

        performance area by car.




Just an Ordinary Day

A street performance by two almost perfect women

“Just an ordinary day” is a journey to the world of women in the

1950’s where perfection is the not exception but the rule!


Twenty Years Later…Still Here! is the story of two women’s wild joyride through two decades in the world of circus arts. Told with warmth, humour, and dizzying acrobatics, this show invites the audience to share the highs and lows of a life in showbusiness. From the fame, glory, glitz and glamour to the countless hours of practice, the blood, the sweat and the tears.

Through a combination of circus, physical theatre, stand-up comedy and live music, this show offers a glimpse into the lives of two performers who have seen it all: from standing ovations at the Munich Opera to dodgy ringmasters, drunken clowns and backstage areas covered in horse shit. Beyond the hard times, though, this story celebrates the inspiration and joy that live performance can offer to audiences and a friendship between two women that has stood the test of time.


Co-director/artistic consultant: Heidi Niemi & Troels Hagen Findsen

Light design: Vilma Vantola

Sound design: Satu Kankkonen

Costume design: Enna Paavilainen

 Twenty years later – Still here 

 Coming up in May 2023! 

Twenty Years Later…Still Here! will premiere the 6th of May 2023 at Circus Ruska Festival!  Thanks to the generous support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation's Pirkanmaa Regional Fund, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, TAIKE The Arts Promotion Center of Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri FoundationLa central del Circ Barcelona, Cirko – Center of new circus Helsinki and Dynamo Workspace Denmark. 






Ladies' Room is a fable about the interaction between two genders, and what happens when their differences collide.  A story of self-acceptance, of our true self, whether it conforms or diverges from the ideals imposed by fashion, advertising, and the worship of the teenage body. 



With lots of humour, love and energy, the seven women of Mad in Finland reveal their country, how they perceive or dream about it. An imaginary and reinvented Finland where Finnish depression has something magical about it, where the harshness of climate engenders strong natures.



Play :Time is about identity, about manhood and womanhood, and how we grow up to be who we are. It challenges and stretches boundaries, without insulting anyone.



A show about the struggle of being perfect.





Other performances

FACE NORD Version Feminine, Cie Un Loup Pour l'Homme


Standing in front of us, four women engage into playful acrobatic games in which they constantly invent the rules. Walking, running, catching, grabbing, climbing, climbing further, always moving forward…


«Knowing you will lose does not prevent from struggling», as these four acrobats tell us, obstinately obliging themselves to the feat and relishing each challenge, taking us together with their bodies to the limits of their physiological reality and at the edges of the laws of physics.


With a script written as rules of a game, Face Nord is an attempt to revive in (wo)mankind the playful innocence of a child, hence the origins and essential values of our acrobatic quest.




A theatrical circus performance in 3 acts inspired by The Beggar's Opera by John Gay.


3 directors, 3 composers, 3 universes meet for the same history to dream, be moved or laugh at our humanity. Aimed at depicting seedy districts of London during the 18th Century, it also tells a lot about today.



Kazuyoshi KUSHIDA / acte I

Mauricio CELEDON / acte II

Karelle PRUGNAUD / acte III


Original music

François MOREL / acte I

Luc LE MASNE / acte II

Eric MOUQUET / acte II

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